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Energy audit proforma – Use this document to assist with conducting an energy audit in your school.


Biodiversity audit – Conduct a biodiversity audit in your school.


DoE Sustainability website – The recently created website is best place to start when looking for teaching and learning resources relating to all areas of sustainability.

Sustainable Schools NSW – Another brilliant resource for teachers. This curriculum focussed resource is a hub for environmental education.

World Wildlife Fund Environmental Footprint Calculator

Behaviour Change

Boomerang Bags – a community based sustainable solution to plastic bags.

Buy Me Once – a website promoting items that are designed to last.

Change One Thing – a website with simple and practical ideas about making sustainable living choices.

Zero Waste Blog The Rogue Ginger – an Australian blog promoting a Zero Waste lifestyle.

Milo Cress – Youth Sustainability Leader – Be Straw Free

Activist Abby – Youth Sustainability Leader – Abby Goldberg – Plastic Bag Bans