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Department of Education Excursion Policy 

Why should I book an excursion with Gibberagong EEC?

Gibberagong EEC is a Department of Education (DoE) school that has been in operation for 50 years. We specialise in providing high quality, curriculum-rich and engaging excursion programs for K-12 students in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.

Are the teaching staff qualified?

Our teaching staff are qualified and experienced teachers that have specialised in outdoor and environmental education. As DoE teachers, all staff maintain their mandatory training qualifications i.e. first aid, CPR, anaphylaxis.

How do I book a camp, excursion or incursion?

Before making a booking, decide on the program you would like your students to undertake, then go to the “Bookings” tab and select Make a Booking to complete the on-line booking form on our website.

A staff member will respond to your request as quickly as possible.

How many students can attend an excursion?

Gibberagong EEC can take up to 4 classes per excursion, however this is dependent on the program, venue and availability of staff.

Please contact the Centre for more information.

For overnight camps at the Gibberagong EEC building we can take up to 26 students.

How is the excursion confirmed?

Once a suitable date is organised a confirmation email with excursion documentation will be sent directly to the booking teacher and the school email address. This will include information about the organisation of your excursion, the location of your excursion and teacher checklists to assist in excursion planning.

What time do excursions start and finish?

Most excursions start at 10.00am and conclude at 2.00pm unless otherwise arranged prior to attending.

Does Gibberagong EEC provide a risk assessment?

Yes, risk assessments are available for all Gibberagong EEC programs and locations. These can be downloaded from our Risk Management Plan page of our website. These are guides to assist schools in completing their own risk assessments.

Booking the buses?

Please contact bus companies directly to organise your own charter. Buses are to be directed to you’re the excursion venue for your program. The venue destination map will be emailed to you with your confirmation.

Who can book an excursion with Gibberagong EEC?

The centre is operated by the NSW Department of Education to support DoE schools. The centre does accept bookings from non-DoE schools.

How much do Gibberagong EEC programs cost?

Prices are available upon request and will be emailed with your confirmation. Maximum numbers apply for each day and there is a minimum cost for small numbers. Please contact us directly to discuss this.

What about incursions?

Generally, one Gibberagong EEC teacher can see 3 classes in a day for an incursion program and we may be able to allocate 2-3 teachers to an incursion in a day. Please contact us to discuss.

Can parents attend a Gibberagong EEC excursion?

We recommend no more than 2 parent helpers per class to attend, unless other specified by a particular program. It is at the discretion of the visiting school’s Principal if parents are asked to attend the excursion. Parents are not permitted to bring siblings or relatives on excursion.

Activities are not suitable for pre-schoolers.

What should teachers and helpers wear?

All adults must wear clothes suitable for bushwalking, including enclosed shoes. Failure to wear enclosed shoes will limit adult participation in some activities, particularly bushwalking. Heels and platforms are not suitable onsite.

What should students wear?

We recommend K-6 students wear their sports uniform. Normal school uniforms are not suitable for the bush. Years 7-12 students should wear appropriate clothing for fieldwork, sports uniform is a good option. Hats and closed shoes are essential. Failure to wear closed shoes will limit student participation in some activities, particularly bushwalking.

What about kayaking?

All teachers and students must wear enclosed shoes for kayaking (old sneakers or water booties are ideal), as well as hats and shirts to cover shoulders.

What should students bring for day excursions?

Students need to bring their own food – low litter, drinks, sunblock, hats and wet weather gear carried in a small backpack or bag. Plastic bags are not suitable. Umbrellas are not suitable. Only essential items should be brought. Students must eat breakfast on the day of the excursion. All students need to bring a water bottle. In summer months, students should bring two bottles of water, one of them frozen.

What should students bring on camp?

A list of what to bring on camp at Gibberagong EEC will be emailed with your confirmation. Please note, not all camp programs include kayaking.

Do we need to bring clipboards for students?

If student worksheets are emailed to you please bring clipboards or ask students to bring their own. We have a supply of clipboards which we can loan to students.

What happens if a student feels sick?

If a student is feeling unwell before the excursion do not bring them.  The bus ride and physical activities like bush walking will not improve the child’s condition and will likely result in their condition deteriorating. Gibberagong EEC excursion venues are a long way for a parent to have to drive to pick up a sick child.

What if a student or a teacher is in a moon boot?

Please contact Gibberagong EEC immediately to determine if the program is suitable for the student or teacher to attend. As an alternative program may need to be utilised on the day.

Does Gibberagong EEC have wheelchair access?

We have access to an off-road wheelchair and can modify programs to ensure all students are fully included. Please contact the Centre to discuss your students particular needs.

What if the weather is wet on the day of the excursion?

The excursion is likely to go ahead if the forecast is for light showers, however if the forecast is for heavy rain, it is likely to be postponed. The Gibberagong EEC Principal will contact you by 6.30am on the morning of your excursion to decide if the excursion will go ahead.  Mobile contact numbers for Gibberagong staff are available on the information emailed with excursion confirmation packages. If the excursion does go ahead, students will need wet weather jackets, umbrellas are not suitable. Gibberagong EEC does have a limited number of raincoats if required unexpectedly. While we will endeavour to find a suitable replacement date we cannot guarantee a replacement date will be available.

What if extreme heat, wind or fire danger are predicted on the day of the excursion?

The excursion is likely to be postponed. Please contact the centre as early as possible to discuss the likelihood of the excursion going ahead. Due to the location of Gibberagong EEC, we take bushfire risk very seriously and will avoid having students onsite if the bushfire risk is high. While we will endeavour to find a suitable replacement date we cannot guarantee a replacement date will be available.

What happens if the weather conditions change during the excursion?

Student safety is paramount. If the temperature rises above 35 degrees, activities will be modified to reduce physical exertion. Students will be required to reduce physical play at meal breaks.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Please provide a minimum of 7 days notice to cancel an excursion.

What happens if our student numbers change?

Student numbers must be confirmed ONE WEEK PRIOR to the excursion date to ensure staffing requirements are met.

Are there worksheets for me to print?

All of our senior programs have student worksheets, which the school will need to print and bring for student use on the day of your excursion. These worksheets will be emailed to the booking teacher.

Primary programs rarely use worksheets

Is there anything we need to do in class before our excursion? 

Most of our programs include pre and post excursion support resources to support the excursion program. These activities will ensure students gain the most from their excursion. Please refer to our website under the information on the program you’ve booked.

What about First Aid?

All Gibberagong teachers have current first aid training and the centre is equipped with First Aid Kits, Epipens, Ventolin inhalers. However, schools are required to bring their own First Aid Kits and to nominate their own First Aid Officer for the excursion.

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