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Ecosystem Dynamics – Intertidal Wetlands

Biology: Biolgical Diversity and Ecosystems Dynamics



The mangroves at Bobbin Head provide an interesting case study for students to investigate the relationships between the abiotic and biotic factors in an intertidal ecosystem. 

During the day, they will investigate adaptations, abundance and distribution, how species interact and human impacts and management. 

Special Note

This program requires a low tide day to enable the students to study the crabs. Please ask our staff when you are making a booking.

Inquiry questions

How do adaptations increase the organism’s ability to survive?

What effect can one species have on the other species in a community?

How can human activity impact on an ecosystems?

Excursion locations

This program is offered at the following locations. Click on an image to find out more.

Program Resources

Mangrove Resource Hub

The Mangrove Resource Hub supports the fieldwork program and includes pre-visit activities, teacher programming outline and resources. This resources will support schools/students wanting to complete this as a depth study. Please contact the Centre for more information.

Mangrove Virtual Fieldwork

The Mangrove Virtual Fieldwork site is an online resource to support students who are unable to attend the fieldwork. Please contact the Centre for more information.