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Stage 6 Ecosystem Dynamics – Southern Brown Bandicoots

Ecosystem Dynamics – Southern Brown Bandicoots

Stage 6 Biology Module 3,4 and Depth Study

To determine the suitability of a site to introduce fox mitigation, scientists must first learn about the animal and then find evidence of the presence of an endangered animal in an area. During the fieldwork day, students will collect scientific (biotic and abiotic) data to determine which of two potential wildlife camera sites is the more suitable for Southern Brown Bandicoot sampling. 

Program Location

Kalkari to Bobbin Head I Bobbin Head

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Risk Assessment

Kalkari to Bobbin Head I Bobbin Head COVID

Program Resource

Bandicoot Resource Hub

The Bandicoot Resource Hub supports the fieldwork program and includes pre-visit activities, teacher programming outline and resources. This resources will support schools/students wanting to complete this as a depth study. Please contact the Centre for more information.

Program Resource

Bandicoot Virtual Fieldwork

The Bandicoot Virtual Fieldwork site is an online resource to support students who are unable to attend the fieldwork. Please contact the Centre for more information.