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Earth's Natural Systems

NEW 2024 Geography Syllabus: Earth's Natural Systems



Students will conduct a geographical investigation into the processes, cycles and circulations connecting natural systems by comparing the atmospheric, hydrological, geomorphic and ecological systems in the mangrove forest at Bobbin Head in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.

They will collect and analyse data collected in the field using specialised fieldwork equipment.  Students will use geographical skills and tools, such as maps, photographs, climate and ternary graphs, to increase their understanding of the processes, cycles and circulations connecting the natural systems in the mangrove forest and link this to the earth’s natural systems at a variety of scales.

Secondary resources are available to be used before and after the excursion to enhance this geographical inquiry.

Special Note

This program requires a low tide day to enable the students to study the crabs. Please ask our staff when you are making a booking.

Inquiry questions

How does an understanding of earth’s natural systems help to:

  • Profile the characteristics and functioning of a natural system - mangrove forest?
  • Understand the processes, cycles and systems that shape this environment?
  • Explain the processes, cycles and circulations that exist at different scales that contribute to this natural system?
  • Investigate human impacts that lead to changes in the natural system here at different scales?

Excursion location

This program is offered at the following location. Click on the image to find out more.

Program Resources

Earth's Natural Systems Resource Hub

The Earth's Natural Systems Resource Hub supports the fieldwork program and includes pre-visit activities and post-excursion work. Students need to complete the pre-visit activities in their worksheet before the fieldwork day. Please contact the Centre for more information.

Earth's Natural Systems Virtual Fieldwork

Coming soon. Please contact the Centre for more information.